Research work

The Institute of Private Law is mainly a research organization aimed to develop, promote and contribute to the implementation of the up-to-date approaches on solving issues arising in modern civil legislation. The basic principles according to which the Institute carries its scientific activity are an independent choice of research guidelines and a practical application of developed recommendations and decisions.

Preparing legal opinions

Acting upon its own initiative and the query of its clients the Institute conducts a legal research and prepares legal opinions on the complex issues that emerge in applying civil law legislation. Beyond any group pressure the Institute expresses its own vision of a legal problem being based on the science of civil law, civil law practice and comparative law research of a foreign legislation.

You can get information about terms and conditions of getting a legal opinion and an explanation of legal issues by the telephone or send us an E-mail message.

From the date of its establishment and during 10 years of follow-up activity the Institute of Private Law considered the science of civil law in its historical, domestic and comparative aspects to be of the highest priority for the Institute.

The main goals of the Institute of Private Law continues to be the following:

  1. To analyze the existing Russian civil law legislation and civil law practice for educing development trends and making recommendations to legislator and enforcement bodies.
  2. To conduct civil law researches in the sphere of contractual relations in business, to study from the civil law point of view activity of different governmental authorities that carries out state registration.
  3. To reedit outstanding civil law books of the Russian and foreign civil law experts.
  4. To issue books on civil law of modern authors.
  5. To prepare and to publish text books and courseware on civil law.

Concerning the international educational projects the work of the Institute of Private Law will focus around the next anchor lines:

  1. To organize joint international researches on common and the most substantial issues of civil law.
  2. To formulate and to publish general recommendations for international associations and organizations and proposals for development (unification) of local civil legislation and other legal instruments.
  3. To prepare and to conduct annual international symposiums for discussion and evaluation of the researches carried out, announcement of interim results and for coordination of activities.
  4. To collect, prepare and to summarize basic research materials for the international encyclopedia «Civil law of the countries all over the world» that will include introduction to civil law of all countries (the overwhelming majority of them).
  5. To upgrade qualification of the staff members and correspondents of the Institute, getting degrees, preparing research articles and monographs by them are of the same importance for the Institute of Private Law.